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Delegating Constructors

Delegating constructors are one of those minor language features that don’t get a lot of headlines, but make a programmer’s life much easier. It’s not likely something you’ll use on a daily basis, but it is something you will run … Continue reading

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Typesafe Enumerations

C++0x has a lot of great new features included in it. However, the “flashier” features like lambda functions have the tendency to overshadow other features. One of those features which I am guessing will be overshadowed is the ability to … Continue reading

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Enumerations for Framework Design

As someone who develops cross-platform and cross-language frameworks, a frequent problem I run up against are enumerations. They’re a very handy construct for a framework designer to use because they allow you to logically group related constants together with some … Continue reading

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Allocations Are Like a Game of Memory

Think of memory allocations and deallocations like a game of “memory”, where the only correct answer is to exactly match the cards. Failing to do so can lead to memory corruption that can sometimes be tricky to track down. The … Continue reading

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Automatic Type Inference

One of the nice new features introduced by C++0x is automatic type inference for declarations. Essentially, it means that the compiler will figure out the declaration type based on information from the right-hand side of the expression. If you come … Continue reading

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What is likely to be considered the biggest, sexiest feature of the new C++0x specification goes by many names. Some folks call them “function objects”, others call them “closures”, and still others call them “lambda functions.” Regardless of what you … Continue reading

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When Virtual Functions Aren’t Virtual

Let’s take a look at some innocuous-looking code and see if you can spot the bugs. If you can, you’re doing great!

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Semantic Whitespace

No, this isn’t a blog posting about Python and its use of whitespace to denote statement blocks. This is actually a post about when whitespace matters in C++. It doesn’t happen particularly often, but whitespace can be important.

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Generating a Minidump

Last time, I demonstrated a way to automatically generate a stack crawl to help you debug errors in your application. However, I also mentioned that stack crawls are usually not enough information by themselves. In this post, I am going … Continue reading

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