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Describing the MSVC ABI for Structure Return Types

An ABI is an “application binary interface”, which is basically a contract between pieces of executable code on how to behave. The ABI dictates things like how parameters are passed, where return values go, how to create and destroy stack … Continue reading

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A simple introduction to type traits

Type traits are a slightly more advanced topic in C++ because it they are heavily used in template metaprogramming. However, it is not an impenetrable concept, and it comes with some great benefits if you like to write generic, reusable … Continue reading

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The Joys of Bit Fields

In C and C++, bit fields are one of the more odd declaration types that you run into rarely. The basic idea behind them is to provide the programmer with a way to define declarations at the bit-level. For instance, … Continue reading

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Opaque Data Pointers

Most of the frameworks that I work on need to be usable from multiple programming languages (typically, C++, C# and Objective-C, but sometimes more). This means I must target the lowest common denominator in terms of the function prototypes, so … Continue reading

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