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Switching on Expressions

The switch statement is a powerful construct in C that allows you to clearly express complex if/else if/else blocks as a single statement. By providing this construct, you can write code that’s easier to understand and maintain. The downside to … Continue reading

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The Plan and Random Points

For about six months, I managed to stick to a bi-weekly update schedule of Mondays and Fridays. However, I’ve exhausted my entire backlog of topics, as well as my todo list for things to write about. Instead of trying to … Continue reading

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Virtual Inheritance

A question came up on LinkedIn in the C++ group relating to how virtual class inheritance actually works. Since LinkedIn limits the amount of space for responses, and also manages to screw up code formatting, I decided to tackle the … Continue reading

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Virtual Methods and Multiple Inheritance

Previously, we covered the basics behind virtual methods. If you aren’t wholly comfortable with the subject yet, I’d recommend you go check that post out first. But if you are comfortable, we’re going to delve into the wacky fun world … Continue reading

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How DLL Imports Work

When you make a function call into a function that exists in a DLL, what happens, exactly? How does the function call happen, and what work goes on behind the scenes to make it so? I want to cover some … Continue reading

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