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Reconstructing a Corrupted Stack Crawl

For my day job, I frequently look at reports that come out of WinQual from Microsoft. These reports contain crash dumps that I can use to determine what’s going wrong with the software I’ve been working on. All in all, … Continue reading

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Remote Thread Injection on Windows

I happened to have a legitimate case where I needed to inject a thread into another process, and in the process of solving this problem I realized there’s very little accurate information on the topic of remote thread injection available … Continue reading

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Generating a Minidump

Last time, I demonstrated a way to automatically generate a stack crawl to help you debug errors in your application. However, I also mentioned that stack crawls are usually not enough information by themselves. In this post, I am going … Continue reading

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Generating a Stack Crawl

When developing an application, it is sometimes useful to add logging functionality to help track down bugs. One of the tricks I like to pull out once in a while is automated bug reporting. When the application gets into an … Continue reading

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