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Virtual Inheritance

A question came up on LinkedIn in the C++ group relating to how virtual class inheritance actually works. Since LinkedIn limits the amount of space for responses, and also manages to screw up code formatting, I decided to tackle the … Continue reading

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When to be Explicit

In C++, a constructor that accepts a single parameter non-defaulted parameter is also considered a converting constructor. Converting constructors allow you to initialize a class instance using that single parameter type either via explicit construction, or via an assignment construction. … Continue reading

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List Initialization

One of the new features in C++0x has been to make a consistent mechanism for initialization via a list. In previous versions of C++, it was inconsistent how you would initialize lists which would lead to a small amount of … Continue reading

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Delegating Constructors

Delegating constructors are one of those minor language features that don’t get a lot of headlines, but make a programmer’s life much easier. It’s not likely something you’ll use on a daily basis, but it is something you will run … Continue reading

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